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Security and Privacy at Benchling

To help IT professionals understand more about Benchling’s security posture, this white paper reviews the considerations most frequently evaluated when selecting software for corporate IT infrastructure. Because we consider our commitment to protecting customer data as central to our mission, we employ the most advanced security and privacy measures for data protection.

Security and compliance at Benchling

Cloud software adoption has been steadily increasing within the life science industry throughout the past decade. This transformation has disrupted the traditional security relationship between vendors and customers, as vendors take on a much greater security responsibility than ever before.

This white paper reviews how Benchling satisfies the security considerations most frequently considered when selecting software for corporate IT infrastructure. Topics covered include:

  • Product security such as infrastructure, security- and privacy-by-design principles, data protection and backup, and identity/access management
  • Operational security such as threat detection, incident response, and disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Organizational security such as enterprise security, security training, privacy program, and governance
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