What’s New at Benchling

Learn about the latest updates in the Benchling R&D Cloud from September 2022.

Come learn about the latest product offerings in the Benchling R&D Cloud. We’ll explore how Benchling is a complete solution for designing and developing RNA, connecting data-driven results across R&D teams and modernizing sequence design and analysis to accelerate next-generation science.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • The first complete solution for designing and developing both natural and chemically-modified RNAs, and how Benchling fosters collaboration between RNA biologists and chemists across the R&D life cycle.

  • Taking advantage of new process design functionality in Workflows to drive collaboration and insights within and across R&D teams

  • How Benchling’s modern LIMS now provides more controlled sample ownership as well as distribution and contextual sample searching

  • Improvements to design and analysis DNA, RNA and AA sequences that boost throughput and reduce manual tasks.

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