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Agritech R&D Solution

Revolutionize Your Agritech R&D Pipeline

Design seeds and traits, develop innovative agritech products, and document experiments and field work, all within a unified digital solution.

Tomorrow's Agritech demands a future-ready R&D solution

Agritech is revolutionizing agricultural production, and helping to ensure food security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and utilize natural resources more efficiently. To make these breakthrough innovations, R&D teams require enabling informatics tools that span chemistry, genomics, and sample tracking.

Key disciplines in this field, such as seeds, traits, and crop protection, need to integrate data across multiple domains for a holistic view of individual programs and cross-team efforts. This includes the ability to map relationships between genes, traits, plant materials, and pedigrees, and utilize this contextual data to drive plant selection and product commercialization.

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Map genetic engineering workflows

Agritech R&D Solution

Benchling’s Agritech R&D Solution is trusted by leading industry innovators to accelerate their R&D. It empowers scientists to improve design throughput, centralize data across trait discovery and plant selection, and provided the data structure necessary for advanced analytics and AI applications. This modern digital R&D solution combines the capabilities expected from ELN, LIMS, and in silico design tools into one seamless user experience for agritech R&D.

  • Design novel plant-native and exogenous traits more efficiently
    Biologists design and study genetic constructs and identify and characterize traits on a connected platform built for high-throughput workflows.
  • Introduce new traits with full end-to-end traceability
    Scientists study and track transformation events with contextual access to the underlying molecular biology and genetics on a single platform.
  • Select desirable plants faster
    Development teams perform plant experimentation and trialing and record physical and biological measurements efficiently in a collaborative platform with built-in data visualization.

Agritech R&D Solution

  • Design traits
    Design and analyze genetic traits
    Study native and exogenous qualitative traits, design plasmids, manage DNA parts, and analyze DNA sequences with more than a dozen cutting-edge in silico design and analysis tools.
  • Document genetic traits and transformation
    Document genetic modification and transformation experiments
    Collaborate across teams to record genetic manipulation and transformation events, by sharing related materials, results, and metadata.
  • Register plasmids and plant materials
    Register plasmids and plant materials
    Model and map interrelationships among DNA parts, genes of interest, plasmids, protoplasts, cell isolates, and plant materials.
  • Manage material inventory
    Manage material inventory
    Get a complete view of your plasmid lots, CRISPR samples, plant cell isolate inventory and access all sample-relevant information and experimental history with just a few clicks.
  • Map genetic engineering workflows
    Map entire genetic manipulation workflow
    Map all the steps of your genetic engineering process end-to-end to improve visibility, standardize operations, iterate quickly, and optimize workflow output.
  • Identify ideal traits
    Identify ideal traits
    Access all your results from a central data warehouse and visualize your results across entries, studies, and programs.
Design traits Document genetic traits and transformation Register plasmids and plant materials Manage material inventory Map genetic engineering workflows Identify ideal traits

Agritech R&D Solution

  • Set up plant growth and breeding studies
    Set up plant growth and breeding studies
    Record plant growth conditions, harvesting results, and crossing outcomes efficiently using standardized templates and workflows.
  • Coordinate material submissions
    Coordinate material submissions
    Ensure complete experimental context transfer while handing off plant materials and genetic constructs across teams.
  • Track plant pedigree
    Track plant pedigree
    Keep track of complete plant lineage through multiple breeding and trialing experiments.
  • Manage plant material inventory
    Manage plant material inventory
    Efficiently perform inventory related actions, such as recording locations of plants and checking inventory status of parents and mutants.
  • Monitor trailing and marker assisted selection processes
    Monitor trialing and marker assisted selection processes
    Map all process steps, from plant experimentation through breeding and sequencing, in order to improve traceability, identify process bottlenecks, and increase process efficiency.
  • Evaluate and select plants
    Evaluate and select plants
    Create custom dashboards to compare plant attributes across multiple studies and programs to quickly select desirable plants.
Set up plant growth and breeding studies Coordinate material submissions Track plant pedigree Manage plant material inventory Monitor trailing and marker assisted selection processes Evaluate and select plants

Agritech R&D Solution

  • Configure without code
    Design and refine your core data models — including entity types, sample lineages, and structured results capture — with codeless configuration.
  • Extend features with APIs for Agritech
    Extend functionality with APIs
    Leverage REST and Event APIs to perform automated actions on Benchling, increasing throughput and raising visibility across data sources.
  • Automate lab workflows for Agritech R&D
    Automate laboratory workflows
    Integrate your lab automation hardware and software with Benchling for improved data integrity and complete experimental traceability
  • Apply data science and machine learning for Agritech R&D
    Apply data science and machine learning
    Use Benchling to centralize, standardize and parse data, making it ready to be analyzed with advanced data analytics tools or machine learning algorithms.
  • Ensure security and privacy for Agritech R&D
    Ensure security and privacy
    Adopt an informatics platform with industry-leading security and privacy measures.
  • Leverage user-friendly admin tool for Agritech R&D
    Leverage user-friendly administration tools
    Access robust tools such as role-based permissions, tenant admin dashboard, and user provisioning, which give you complete control over your organization’s data management and user profiles.
  • Customize with Developer Platform
    Customize with Developer Platform
    Take advantage of Benchling’s open developer platform to unify your entire digital ecosystem of analytics tools, informatics solutions, external databases, and custom software.
Extend features with APIs for Agritech Automate lab workflows for Agritech R&D Apply data science and machine learning for Agritech R&D Ensure security and privacy for Agritech R&D Leverage user-friendly admin tool for Agritech R&D Customize with Developer Platform
“We can look at a plant and simultaneously know not only the plasmid we used, but it’s exact sequence and dozens of aspects about it. This fact takes us from using Benchling as a plant inventory system to Benchling as a fully integrated biotechnology pipeline.”
Nathaniel Graham

Molecular Biology Scientist

How We Deliver

  • Dedicated Expertise
    Our Customer Experience professionals possess deep agritech expertise, as well as training on information technology best practices. They’ve worked for and with the world’s leading agriscience companies and apply this know-how to support customers across a wide range of R&D teams.
  • Continuous Oversight
    Leverage Benchling's pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of Benchling.
  • Focused R&D Support
    Take advantage of Benchling’s foundational implementation guides, developed by our Customer Experience team to support many R&D functions across agritech and plant biotechnology.

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