Benchling for Startups Resources Portal

The Startup Resources Portal, curated specifically for Benchling for Startups, provides all of the tools your company needs to successfully implement Benchling and to begin accelerating your research productivity.

Get started with Benchling

Learn the basics of the Benchling platform: navigate to your data, use global search, and update your settings.

A step-by-step checklist to help all Benchling admins get their teams using Benchling quickly and effectively.

A step-by-step training checklist for all members (non-admins) of a Benchling organization.

Create projects and set permissions

Review this configuration guide to choose frameworks for structuring project and folders and to understand permissions in Benchling.

Learn how admins can create projects and folders, set user roles, and set project permissions.

Admins: Manage your Benchling organization

Who are Benchling admins?
When companies join Benchling for Startups, they must designate 1-2 default admins for their Benchling organization. Admins control most customizable elements of their company's tenant.

What do admins do?
Admins are initially responsible for configuring projects and permissions in Benchling. Afterwards, admins will help their company adopt and effectively use Benchling, and will continually manage data in Benchling.

Benchling has several features designed to help admins manage their Benchling organization. Learn how to use these features.

Record and protect experimental data with the Benchling Notebook

Navigate the Notebook, create Notebook entries, and use Notebook features to enable productivity and collaboration.
Learn the review process in Benchling: how authors send Notebook entries for review and how auditors accept or reject those entries.

Design and analyze sequences with Benchling Molecular Biology

Create DNA and protein sequences, customize your workspace, and navigate 10+ Molecular Biology tools.
Annotate sequences, design primers and attach them to sequences, perform alignments, and design CRISPR guide RNAs.

Support and community resources

Get answers to your questions, and get involved with Benchling.

Access product support

Follow along with introductory tutorials:

Training Kit for Startups

Search for answers:

Help Center

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