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In the meantime, check out more about our enterprise products. They’re seamlessly intertwined, producing wholly new functionality. Give every sequence file, biological entity, and notebook entry full experimental context, complete with easily queryable results and transparent step-by-step experimental progress.
  • Notebook

    Document your experiments with complete context in our Lab Notebook. Seamless integration with the rest of Benchling's product suite means painless hand-offs between teams. Features specific to biologics reduce data entry time by 85%
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  • Molecular Biology

    Equip your teams with the most powerful and intuitive designed paralysis suite for molecular biology. Get 10+ tools -- such as CRISPR guide design, automated primer design, plasmic visualization, and sequence alignments -- and also register sequences from the same interface.
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  • Registry

    The Benchling Registry is purpose-built to model the complexity of large molecules. With codeless configuration, it's flexible enough to model the biological entities of any organization, while making it easy for scientists to enter and extract the data they need.
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  • Inventory

    Inventory is a digital window into your physical lab. Track the locations of vials, wells, batches, and more – and automatically link results to them. Optimize space usage, connect physical samples to their experimental context, and never lose track of a sample again.
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  • Requests

    Submit, manage, and complete requests faster and more accurately than ever before. Standardize and optimize request management from forecasting through fulfillment with dashboards and notifications.
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  • Workflow Management

    Design and manage workflows across R&D from discovery to bioprocessing. Get a comprehensive real-time picture of pipeline programs, eliminate bottlenecks, and make better research decisions.
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