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Our team will reach out to them soon. In the meantime, if you’d like, you can let them know that we’ll be contacting them. Once your referral has completed a call with one of our team members, Benchling will make a $100 donation to Bay Area Bioscience Education Community (BABEC), a community encouraging students to engage in science by empowering teachers. <br><br>In the meantime, check out these highlights from Benchling.

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Benchling’s applications are natively unified from the ground up. This means that users have a completely seamless experience without the need to switch between distinct modules nor enter data more than once.



Reduce time to data entry by 85% with our cloud-based Notebook. More than an ELN, the Benchling Notebook is an all-in-one productivity suite that unifies data capture across various applications.

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Molecular Biology

Equip your teams with powerful and user-friendly tools designed for various molecular biology applications. Get 10+ tools -- such as CRISPR guide design, automated primer design, plasmid visualization, and sequence alignments -- from the same interface.

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The Benchling Registry is purpose-built to model the complexity of various biological entities. With codeless configuration, it's flexible enough to model a wide variety of biological entities while making it easy for scientists to enter and extract the data they need.

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The Benchling Inventory is a digital window into your physical lab. Track the locations of vials, wells, batches, and more – and automatically link results to them. Optimize space usage, connect physical samples to their experimental context, and never lose track of a sample again.

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Workflow Management

Design and manage workflows across R&D from discovery to manufacturing. Get a comprehensive, real-time picture of pipeline programs, eliminate bottlenecks, and make better research decisions.

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Build dashboards, track metrics, and answer questions about your data with Benchling Insights. Run analytics on any Benchling data right inside the Benchling platform.

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