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Benchling for Vaccines R&D

Integrate reverse vaccinology approaches, discover novel adjuvants, and improve production yield.

Vaccines Research

  • Integrate reverse vaccinology approaches into vaccine antigen discovery.

    • Sequence whole genomes of biological target or pathogens
    • Express recombinant proteins with functional activity
    • Identify novel candidate antigens
  • Discover novel adjuvants.

    • Perform HTS and in silico screening of new adjuvant candidates for vaccines
    • Characterize novel adjuvants for confirmatory activity
    • Optimize new adjuvants
  • Leverage systems biology and other computational methods to predict the safety and the efficacy of vaccines.

    • Centralize data on a single platform to analyze antigen and protective epitope sequences
    • Run structural biology experiments and workflows to redesign broadly protective antigens
    • Incorporate immunization results to improve computational methods

Vaccines Development

  • Accelerate vaccine production with synthetic technologies.

    • Design custom gene and protein constructs
    • Manage synthesis workflows for antigens and variants
    • Maximize vaccine production with high expression and improved capacity
  • Characterize and test adjuvants and immuno-potentiators.

    • Centralize incoming raw material characterization results
    • Integrate all results from intermediates, bulk material and other downstream testing
    • Build a comprehensive characterization profile of vaccine product
  • Continuously improve and modernize process.

    • Identify and define key process performance metrics
    • Integrate with production automation and monitor process continuously
    • Generate actionable evidence to improve process output

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