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Streamline sequence design across teams

Benchling Molecular Biology combines over a dozen high-throughput, in silico design tools to help improve the speed, accuracy, and fidelity of your discovery program.


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See the downstream samples and results that any sequence has led to. For example, see the binding affinity of all antibody lots with a given light chain variable fragment.


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Our Customer Experience professionals possess deep scientific expertise as well as training on IT best practices. They’ve worked for and with the world’s leading biotech companies and apply this know-how to 
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"We did an exhaustive search and selected Benchling, not just because of our own impressions, but also from those of many of our friends working in the industry. Not only was Benchling's molecular biology functionality far and above better than any other we had ever used before but having a single database that could aggregate all our data allows us to do better experiments, to ask better questions, to solve problems more quickly in a way that gets us more value per experiment."
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Jason RyderFounder & CTO, Oobli

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