Has life science R&D moved beyond the traditional LIMS?
LIMS can be complicated to configure, expensive to integrate, and time-consuming for end users. Your organization may also need more capabilities than sample tracking.  

You may be better served by a solution that addresses more of your digital R&D needs with a single, unified, cloud-based platform.

You may need Benchling.
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How effective are LIMS with modern life science R&D?
Life science R&D has changed greatly since the 1980s. Not only have analytical and computational tools advanced, our whole way of doing science has changed to be more collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Conventional lab information systems (LIMS) were originally designed to support those older, siloed workflows. While the current iterations of LIMS use modern computational technology, they often cannot be configured to support the unique and complex workflows and sample tracking needs of modern life science R&D.
LIMS sample management optimized for modern molecular biology R&D.
Benchling seamlessly integrates LIMS inventory management with an ELN
We created Benchling from the ground up to support modern life science R&D workflows. Benchling is a single, unified, cloud-based platform that combines many of the capabilities you traditionally expect a LIMS to deliver with electronic lab notebook and molecular biology tools.

Let our experts walk you through the capabilities that Benchling has that you may have thought only a LIMS could deliver so you can decide if you really need a LIMS or if Benchling may be a better fit.
Benchling Capabilities
A single, unified, cloud-based platform
LIMS workflow management capabilities with codeless configuration
LIMS reporting capabilities that streamline compliance and deliver operational insights
LIMS automation and instrument integration capabilities
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