Notebook Templates Beta: Preformat Entries to Save Time

Amy Guan

We're excited to release a highly requested feature that lets you make templates to quickly create preformatted notebook entries. Use templates to save time spent rewriting boilerplate for the experiments that you do frequently.

We're releasing this as a beta feature for all of our Benchling Gold users to help us polish it before the full release. This is the first of many similar beta features, so if you'd like early access, invite 10 scientists to Benchling and unlock Gold status!

Get Templates with Benchling Gold today!


Here's how templates work:

  1. Select "Template Collections" in the top-right dropdown and create a new template.

  2. Separate your template into Day 1, 2, etc. and create placeholders to remind you to attach files.

  3. Click the plus icon next to your notebook in the left sidebar to create an entry from the template and fill it out as you work.


As always, please share your feedback and suggestions!

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