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Our leadership principles

We are all leaders here. These principles guide how we work together, make decisions, and hire.

admit mistakes large
Admit mistakes and shortcomings
Leaders openly acknowledge their failures and what they don’t know, even when it’s awkward or embarrassing to do so. They do this to build trust, encourage learning, and foster comfort with vulnerability and feedback.
deliver results large
Deliver results
Leaders create an outsized impact with efficient teams. They maximize output by making high-quality decisions quickly instead of engaging in never-ending debate. They’re rigorous about delivering what’s most important.
disagree and commit large
Disagree and commit
Leaders actively listen and seek to understand all perspectives. They mine for the disagreements people aren’t sharing, even when it’s uncomfortable. Once a decision is made, they trust the process and are all in.
obsess over customers large
Obsess over customers
Leaders deeply understand our customers and what they need. They embrace the complexity of our customers’ work. They over-invest in building meaningful customer relationships. They obsess over what they can do to make customers successful.
rely on work ethic large
Rely on work ethic
Leaders know they must will success into reality. They outwork the competition. They make smart decisions on where to focus to ensure impact over activity. They embrace the grind and do the unscalable, unglamorous work to build an enduring organization.
show empathy large
Show empathy
Leaders take time to understand others’ point of view and are intentionally inclusive of others. They express their ideas in ways that motivate others to follow them. They express gratitude inside and outside their teams to give credit where it’s deserved.
recruit and develop the best large
Recruit and develop the best
Great leaders are great at recruiting and prioritize it. They understand the value of diverse teams and actively build them. They retain top performers by letting go of their own egos, not tolerating mediocrity, and coaching their teams to step up.
sweat the details large
Sweat the details
Leaders roll up their sleeves and have high standards. No task is below them. They inspect frequently and when the stakes are high, are personally accountable for even the smallest detail.
think and communicate clearly large
Think and communicate clearly
Leaders are intellectually rigorous in how they approach problems, backing up their claims with evidence. Instead of expecting people to “know what they mean” they hone their thinking through written communication and are deliberate in verbal presentation.
unite around the mission large
Unite around the mission
Leaders operate as a singular team aligned to a singular mission. They respect the work and expertise of other functions, and put no one on a pedestal. They prioritize what’s best for the company as a whole to achieve its mission.

Feed your curiosity and fuel your growth

Working and thriving together

We care for your wellbeing

  • Dedicated mental health benefit that offers sessions with therapists as well as professional and financial coaches

  • Monthly wellness stipend to spend on gym memberships, fitness classes, massages, and more

  • Intentional company-wide breaks (summer and winter holiday shutdowns) so we can all recharge.

We build community

  • Active employee resource groups (ERGs) with charters, exec sponsors, budget, and ERG leader compensation

  • Cross-functional events like onboarding, company kick-off, sales meetups, and our customer community event, Benchtalk

  • Social impact initiatives that allow us to donate to — or use paid time off to volunteer for — the causes we care about

We enjoy time together

  • Snacks and lunches in our offices to nourish ourselves and our connections with each other

  • Monthly social hours in every office

  • Virtual and in-person holiday and team events to celebrate moments that matter

  • Themed all-hands meetings with refreshments and sometimes even costumes!

“My favorite benefit that Benchling offers is the generous stipends that they give us, ranging from professional development to wellness. These are stipends that renew every so often, so they actually encourage you to use them and it just shows that Benchling really cares.”
Author image
Mimi ChenEngineering
“I have the honor of co-leading an employee resource group here called BIPOC, where we come together to talk about important issues, try to ignite change, and create a really safe space for everyone who identifies as being part of that community.”
Author image
Kamala Bridges G&A
“Benchling’s routine mental health days allow us to bring our best selves to work. I appreciate how they give us space to process things that are going on in the world outside of these walls.”
Author image
Madelyn MyersCustomer Experience

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