Accelerate innovation in the new bioeconomy

Design sequences and strains, scale up development processes, and manage sample traceability — all on a unified digital platform.

Industrial Biotechnology R&D Solution


Benchling’s Industrial Biotechnology R&D Solution is trusted by leading innovators to accelerate their R&D. It empowers R&D teams to dramatically improve throughput, resolves collaboration bottlenecks across teams, and provides unfettered access to all your data. This modern digital R&D solution combines the capabilities expected from an electronic lab notebook, LIMS software, and in silico design tools into one cohesive user experience and data platform.

Create novel strains faster and more efficiently

Scientists design and study novel microbes on a connected platform built for high throughput workflows.

Optimize fermentation processes with contextual insights

Process engineers combine all their data on a single platform and ask new questions, leading to the development of more robust fermentation processes faster.

Produce assay results faster with full traceability

Analytical teams and process development teams streamline cross-team collaboration and improve results traceability with a centralized results database.

Study plasmids, microbial strains, DNA sequences, and DNA parts with more than a dozen cutting-edge in silico tools designed for high-throughput design and analysis.
Collaborate across teams to record strain creation and fermentation experiments, by sharing related results, metadata, and attachments.
Model DNA parts, plasmids, strains, and strain lots, map the interrelationships among them, capture relevant results, and automatically link those results to the underlying experimental context.
Get a complete view of your strain bank and lab inventory, and access all sample-relevant information and experimental history with just a few clicks.
Access all your assay results from a central data warehouse and visualize your results across strains, entries, and studies.

Create multi-step fermentation and scale up studies using templates and workflows, empowering scientists to set up and execute runs quickly and efficiently.
Automate results reporting, and ensure complete experimental context transfer when handing off aliquot samples or assay requests to analytical teams.
Integrate analytical instruments and process development equipment — enabling seamless data capture, improved data integrity, and experimental traceability.
Efficiently perform inventory-related actions such as creating containers, transferring biomass and end products to containers for storage, tracking freezer locations, and checking inventory status.
Map end-to-end upstream and downstream fermentation processes on a single platform — helping to improve visibility, standardize operations, iterate quickly, and optimize process output.

Design and refine your core data models — including entity types, sample lineages, and structured results captures — using codeless configuration.
Leverage REST and Event APIs to perform automated actions on Benchling, increasing throughput and raising visibility across data sources.
Integrate your lab automation hardware and software with Benchling for improved data integrity and complete experimental traceability.
Use Benchling to centralize, standardize and parse data, making it ready to be analyzed with advanced data analytics tools or machine learning algorithms.
Adopt an informatics platform with industry-leading security and privacy measures.
Access robust tools such as role-based permissions, tenant admin dashboard, and user provisioning, which give you complete control over your organization’s data management and user profiles.
Take advantage of Benchling’s open developer platform to unify your entire digital ecosystem of analytics tools, informatics solutions, external databases, and custom software.

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How we deliver

Dedicated expertise

Our Customer Experience professionals possess deep industrial biotechnology expertise as well as training on information technology best practices. They’ve worked for and with the world’s leading industrial biotechnology companies and apply this know-how to support customers across a wide range of R&D teams.

Continuous oversight

Leverage Benchling's pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of Benchling.

Focused R&D support

Take advantage of Benchling’s foundational implementation guides, developed by our Customer Experience team to support many strain R&D functions.

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