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Check out the latest Benchling product updates, from multi-step workflows to connected in vivo study management.
Biology’s modern LIMS

The Benchling R&D Cloud provides a modern, connected, and adaptable solution that redefines processes traditionally tracked in LIMS. Teams can design, test, and produce complex biomolecules as a unified, collaborative effort. Unlike legacy LIMS, the Benchling R&D Cloud offers continual product innovation to keep pace with evolving processes and science. Now, teams can manage multi-step and cross-functional processes within Workflows, track data modifications, and trace samples directly within Benchling Notebook.

  • Optimize handoffs across scientists and teams

  • Track samples throughout their lifecycle

  • Ensure compliance and data integrity

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Reimagining collaboration

Introducing Benchling Studies

Studies (formerly Overwatch) provides R&D teams with a modern software solution for managing in vivo studies, designed for data capture, collaboration, and insights. As part of the Benchling R&D Cloud, Studies helps biopharmaceutical companies connect in vivo and in vitro workflows across R&D teams to improve collaboration and accelerate the path for new therapeutics into the clinic.

  • Accelerate in vivo study startup

  • Capture accurate, intelligent in-life study data

  • Drive collaboration across teams in the Benchling R&D Cloud

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Large-scale Data Management

Past releases

Check out features and capabilities released in 2021, including new scientific modalities and a wholly reimagined Workflows application.

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Fall 2021

See highlights from our Fall 2021 product release, including new results tables, IC50 response curves, and heat maps.

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Summer 2021

See highlights from our Summer 2021 product release, including structured templates, scatter plots, and column locking.

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