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Six essential digital capabilities to accelerate cell and gene therapy R&D

A guide to the most important software capabilities required to stay at the cutting edge of cell and gene therapy innovation.

Cell Therapy R&D Solutions


Benchling’s Cell Therapy R&D solutions are trusted by hundreds of cell therapy innovators to accelerate their R&D. It empowers scientists to discover novel cell therapies with modern tools designed to provide complete, end-to-end traceability of samples, increase throughput and efficiency, and streamline cross-team collaboration. Our modern, digital R&D solution combines all the capabilities expected from the latest in silico design tools, electronic lab notebook, and LIMS software into one intuitive package designed for cell therapy R&D.

Increase throughput of lead binder and full construct design

Scientists design CAR plasmids and study protein construct features with high-throughput, in silico design tools and sequence-aware features.

Streamline collaboration between lead discovery, cell engineering, analytical, and translational sciences

Scientists hand off plasmids, cell lines, and reagents between teams, plan protein expression and optimization studies, and share characterization results with fit-for purpose collaboration tools.

Uncover key insights across cell engineering processes and analytical characterization

Scientists and executives track critical cell therapy attributes across studies, optimize cell engineering processes, and monitor inventory of critical reagents and cell lines with customizable decision support tools.

Perform high-throughput sequence design with Bulk Assembly, and ensure sequence uniqueness during registration. Automatically connect diverse data sets to lead scFvs and CARs with Results tables. Build custom dashboards to identify leads with optimal biophysical attributes.
Ensure all relevant sample information is relayed accurately to cell engineering and analytical teams. Ensure inventory information such as location, quantity, and check-in/check-out status is always up to date for cell-based reagents. Study and refine donor cell modification processes across multiple production runs.
Trace sequence-based identity and history of samples before conducting key characterization studies. Execute analytical assays quickly and enforce SOPs with protocols and templates. Correlate results from disparate tests and assays by creating custom dashboards.
Plan in vivo studies and generate study protocols with collaborative tools. Monitor vivarium animals, and directly track study measurements and calculations. Automatically link assay results to tissue samples with a unified data model.


The Cell Therapy R&D Accelerators provide best practices that shorten time-to-value for research and process development. The Accelerators contain: 

  • Data model – entity relationship diagram (ERD) which serves as an implementation blueprint 

  • Tenant configuration – pre-defined tenant configuration using templates and dashboards for registering entities, tracking results, increasing inventory utilization, and streamlining workflows

  • Solution Guide – highlight capabilities and latest product features


Benchling’s services support customers from implementation through ongoing success.

  • Professional Services – solution-specific domain expertise to jumpstart your optimal implementation

  • Customer Success – continual solution optimization that takes advantage of new feature releases and ongoing industry learning

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How we deliver

Dedicated expertise

Our Customer Experience professionals possess deep scientific expertise, as well as training on information technology best practices. They apply this know-how to support cell therapy customers across a wide range of R&D teams.

Continuous oversight

Leverage Benchling's pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of Benchling.

Focused R&D support

Take advantage of Benchling’s foundational implementation guides, developed by our Customer Experience team to support many cell therapy R&D functions.

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