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Design and develop next-generation RNA therapeutics more efficiently on the only R&D cloud platform to offer a complete RNA solution.

RNA Therapeutics R&D Solutions

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Benchling’s RNA Therapeutics Solution was developed in partnership with leading industry innovators. For the first time, R&D teams can design natural and chemically modified oligonucleotides, mRNA, and other RNA sequences in a single solution. They can also centralize experimental results, standardize on syntax, and collaborate with teammates more effectively on a single platform. Our modern, digital R&D solution combines the capabilities expected from in silico design tools, ELN, and LIMS into one modern, unified, fully-configurable, and easy-to-use solution that adapts to the rapidly evolving needs of RNA therapeutics R&D.

Simplify collaboration across multidisciplinary teams

Scientists design oligos with intuitive design tools, centralize experimental data, standardize sequence design, and establish a scalable common language across organizations.

Improve data quality and real-time scientific insights

Scientists keep consistent records across experiments, automatically centralize all key results, and aggregate results from diverse assays for real-time visualization in-platform.

Accelerate the speed of the entire RNA therapeutic lifecycle

Scientists and executives quickly track oligo modifications and consequent impact on biological activity to rapidly iterate on oligo candidates with customizable decision support tools.

sample lineage-mRNA seq with links-1600px.png
Combine chemical modifications with sequence features in the same view with intuitive visualization. Ensure the sequences you design are unique and avoid duplication of effort by automatically checking for uniqueness during sequence registration.
Leverage a full suite of RNA sequence analysis tools such as annotations, translations, primers, and alignments in one cohesive solution.
Benchling enables RNA entity management and design at scale using self-managed tenant-specific monomer libraries and allowing users to bulk modify oligo entities with pre-saved templates.
Improve data integrity and reduce repeat work. With results tables that link experimental and analytical data automatically against registered RNA sequences, monomers, ligands, or other stored small molecule entities, you can standardize data capture across scientists.
Customize data models to fit your unique science and inventory hierarchy. The interlinking of stored entities and samples improves traceability and lineage tracking across monomers, ligands, small molecules, RNA sequences, batches, containers, and other inventory items.
Aggregate results across experiments, teams, RNA sequences, and small molecule entities in a central data warehouse. Visualize that data natively on Benchling so you quickly draw conclusions that support decisions without wasting time on manually aggregating, cleaning and analyzing data from disparate sources.


The RNA Therapeutics R&D Accelerators provide best practices that shorten time-to-value for research and process development. The Accelerators contain: 

  • Data model – entity relationship diagram (ERD) which serves as an implementation blueprint 

  • Tenant configuration – pre-defined tenant configuration using templates and dashboards for registering entities, tracking results, increasing inventory utilization, and streamlining workflows

  • Solution Guide – highlight capabilities and latest product features


Benchling’s services support customers from implementation through ongoing success.

  • Professional Services – solution-specific domain expertise to jumpstart your optimal implementation

  • Customer Success – continual solution optimization that takes advantage of new feature releases and ongoing industry learning

How we deliver

Dedicated expertise

Our Customer Experience professionals possess deep scientific expertise as well as training on information technology best practices. They apply this know-how to support RNA therapeutic customers across a wide range of R&D teams.

Continuous oversight

Leverage Benchling's pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of Benchling.

Focused R&D support

Take advantage of Benchling’s foundational implementation guides, developed by our Customer Experience team to support many RNA Therapeutic R&D functions.

"At Ribometrix we use specialized technology to identify therapeutically compelling RNAs. As a platform therapeutics company, we create differently modified RNAs for the assays we run. With Benchling, we have manageable uniqueness verification processes that gives our scientists access to the same data."
Katie WarnerVP, RNA Biology, Ribometrix
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