The Biotech Digital Transformation Assessment

Are you falling behind when it comes to digitizing your lab? We've worked with top biotech companies and surveyed nearly 1,000 scientists on their digital efforts. Take our assessment to see how you measure up.
Question 1 of 3

What’s your level of confidence in the quality of your data?

Low — Not confident
Uh-oh… Looks like your data could use a cleanse. But you're not alone — 1/5 of companies surveyed agreed. By improving data quality, your team can move faster and make more informed decisions.
Medium — Sometimes confident
You're right on par: 4/5 of companies felt medium confidence in data quality. To get ahead, think about analysis and access: do you have processes set up to let your team view, visualize, and take action on data?
High — Very confident
Nice work! Not a single company surveyed expressed a high confidence in data quality.
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Question 2 of 3

On an average week, how much time does each person on your team spend searching for and collecting data?

2-4 hours
Great job keeping data organized! Your team spends less time finding data than the average biotech: only 16% of companies surveyed spend 2-4 hours.
5-7 hours
Your team is spending a lot of time looking for data, and the problem reaches industry-wide: 65% of companies reported this too. Would centralizing it help save your team valuable time so they can work more efficiently?
8-10 hours
Time is precious — take it back! Only 19% of companies spend this much time finding data. Figure out how to organize your data effectively to give hours back to your team to spend on mission critical work.
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Question 3 of 3

How easy is it for your team to share and collaborate on data cross-functionally?

Easy — It’s all streamlined
Nicely done. You’re ahead of the game. However, not a single company surveyed said it’s easy!
Moderate — Some effort is required
You’re doing better than the average team, but there’s still room to improve. 37.5% reported their data collaboration abilities are moderate.
Difficult — It’s messy
You’re not alone — 62.5% said it’s difficult, too. Investing in collaboration workflows can help everyone move faster and learn from one another.
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  1. Benchling Business Value Engagements. Survey data was collected from 968 scientists across 41 Benchling customers. All companies were considering updating their existing solution at the time of data collection. Companies surveyed span a range of scientific industries. Individual results are directional — for a more specific analysis for your company, reach out to Benchling.
  2. Accenture. Driving digitalization at scale in the lab, 2022.