Unlock the promise of gene therapy and gene editing

Design, develop, and characterize novel gene therapies — all on a unified digital platform.

Six essential digital capabilities to accelerate cell and gene therapy R&D

A guide to the most important software capabilities required to stay at the cutting edge of cell and gene therapy innovation.

Gene Therapy R&D Solutions


Benchling’s Gene Therapy R&D Solutions are trusted by leading gene therapy innovators to accelerate their R&D. The Solutions enable scientists to study gene editing and gene therapy technologies at scale with improved productivity, intuitive collaboration, and contextual insights. Our modern, digital solutions combine the capabilities of traditional ELN, LIMS, and molecular biology tools in a unified cloud solution that natively supports gene therapy R&D.

Increase throughput of CRISPR sequence design and in-lab experimentation

Scientists design CRISPR guides and plasmid sequences at scale and record large volumes of experimental data against critical vector products with high throughput tools and features.

Streamline collaboration between design, development, and analytical teams

Scientists co-create CRISPR complexes, plan vector scale up studies, and share gene therapy product-related samples and results across teams with fit-for purpose collaboration tools.

Uncover key insights based on complete view of gene therapy program metrics and milestones

Scientists and executives study gene therapy product performance across the R&D lifecycle, optimize vector production process parameters, and allocate scientific resources to key programs with customizable decision support tools.


Create guide RNA sequences with optimal on-target / off-target scoring. Analyze endonuclease sequences by using over a dozen cutting-edge in silico tools. Speed up gRNA design with built-in wizards and high-throughput features.
Visualize plasmid maps with intuitive layouts and helpful feature highlighting tools. Insert custom DNA parts and share feature libraries with teammates. Perform high-throughput combinatorial cloning to design your plasmids efficiently.
Iterate viral vector production runs faster with templatized stages and entries for recording steps. Capture large amounts of data quickly with structured results tables. Optimize process parameters with customizable visual dashboards.
Relay sample information and related results accurately and efficiently between teams. Execute analytical assays quickly, and enforce SOPs with protocols and templates. Integrate directly with analytical instruments to centralize all assay results for easy analysis and visualization.
Plan in vivo studies and generate study protocols with collaborative tools. Monitor vivarium animals, and directly track study measurements and calculations. Automatically link assay results to tissue samples with a unified data model.


The Gene Therapy R&D Accelerators provide best practices that shorten time-to-value for research and process development. The Accelerators contain: 

  • Data model – entity relationship diagram (ERD) which serves as an implementation blueprint 

  • Tenant configuration – pre-defined tenant configuration using templates and dashboards for registering entities, tracking results, increasing inventory utilization, and streamlining workflows

  • Solution Guide – highlight capabilities and latest product features


Benchling’s services support customers from implementation through ongoing success.

  • Professional Services – solution-specific domain expertise to jumpstart your optimal implementation

  • Customer Success – continual solution optimization that takes advantage of new feature releases and ongoing industry learning

See Benchling's Gene and Cell Therapy R&D Solutions in action

How we deliver

Dedicated expertise

Our Customer Experience professionals possess deep scientific expertise, as well as training on information technology best practices. They apply this know-how to support gene therapy customers across a wide range of R&D teams.

Continuous oversight

Leverage Benchling's pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of Benchling.

Focused R&D Support

Take advantage of Benchling’s foundational implementation guides, developed by our Customer Experience team to support many gene therapy R&D functions, including:

  • Target discovery

  • CRISPR gene editing

  • Viral production

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