AI Experimentation at Benchling

AI has massive potential to improve scientists’ work, helping speed up and enhance scientific output and answer new questions. With how fast AI moves and progresses, our role as a tech company serving scientists is to continuously test, experiment, and build products that incorporate the best of AI into the scientific process. This must be done in a way that is responsible, ensures enterprise trust, and embeds into the tools scientists use every day. In this spirit, we’re sharing a few ways we’re experimenting with AI and LLMs today. We’ll update this page as we test, build, and learn, in hopes of inspiring what is possible and getting feedback on what we should try next.

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Let us know what experiments you're interested in. Beta program participants must be current Benchling customers.

AlphaFold in Benchling is available today. The rest of the examples in this page contain prototype AI use cases in various stages of development. Benchling may modify these use cases prior to launch based on regulatory, operational, technical or other limitations. Please visit our security and privacy documentation on Open AI and LLMs in Benchling for more information on the company's key security principles for LLMs and our commitment to customer privacy.