Benchling Notebook is more than an ELN

Capture structured and unstructured lab work with the first cloud-based notebook built for biotech.

The most user-friendly notebook in the industry

Unprecedented adoption

Unlike other electronic laboratory notebook software, the Benchling Notebook is built to be as usable as consumer software.

Improve productivity and data integrity

Directly populate Notebook entries with results from instrument runs. Link that data to samples in your Registry.

Enable traceability and reproducibility

By bidirectionally linking to other entries, samples, and other Benchling data, you can see the complete, interconnected history of any Notebook entry.

"For our strain engineering workflow, Benchling has been able to provide an all-in-one environment where we can easily gather day-to-day experiment data in the Notebook and then, make meaningful connections to relevant items in the Registry."
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Jay KonieczkaCo-Founder and COO, enEvolv

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