A new backup for all your notebooks and data

Amy Guan

We've heard many scientists say that they want better backup functionality in Benchling's lab notebook. Today we're excited to release two new additions:

  1. Easily create backup copies of your Benchling notebook, which look just like a traditional paper notebook

  2. Effortlessly back up multiple projects all at once, which will help you save time

Try out the new exporter!


To access the new exporter:

  1. Click on the dropdown at the top-right, and press Export Data

  2. Select the type of export you want (e.g. project file, notebook)

  3. Press Export, then expect to receive an email containing a link to your documents in a few minutes

To back up a single project easily: Right click on any project in the left sidebar, then press Export.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Happy exporting!

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