Accelerating protein research through synthetic DNA variations

Roger Pellegrini

One of the main goals of Benchling is to shorten the cycle time of doing life science research.

We are excited to announce the launch of a DNA library platform powered by Benchling and hosted by Gen9 that allows users to quickly design and order DNA variants. This tool enables the design of thousands of individual DNA variants within minutes - with precisely the sequence content desired.

We think this arrayed library platform is a step in the right direction of accelerating science - it unlocks the possibility of breakthrough discoveries across many applications, such as the identification of improved antibody therapeutics or the development of novel and more effective enzymes for detergents, food processing, or biofuels.

This is a tool we believe could truly have wide-ranging impact and another great example of how Benchling strives to make breakthroughs for innovation. From integrating the latest CRISPR discoveries (such as Cpf1) into application tools to powering a platform that reinvents the design and ordering process for synthetic DNA, Benchling is committed to empowering scientists to break new scientific ground.

What’s Next

In our pursuit of speeding life science research, we’re going to continue finding opportunities to replace out-dated lab tools and protocols with modern technology. We have a number of tools in the pipeline and in development so stay tuned!

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