Benchling: A Lasting Informatics Backbone for Growing Biologics Companies

Roger Pellegrini

The complexity of biologics R&D makes informatics a strategic necessity. But it doesn't make sense to invest many months implementing a system that is hard-coded and won't be able to meet your needs a year from now.

The only platform natively designed for biologics R&D

Large molecule R&D involves complex processes, numerous hand-offs, and samples with extensive interlinkages. Benchling is natively built to model the complexity of these processes and samples and provide full experimental context across handoffs. It's a lasting informatics infrastructure that drives the development of your organization's scientific platform.

Immediate User Adoption

Since Benchling is intuitive and specifically built for biologics, scientists love using it alongside their lab work. Productivity rises 30% and results are recorded 85% faster, leading to high compliance.

Deploy in Weeks

With codeless configuration and streamlined implementation procedures, you can get up and running with a completely customized system in weeks, not months.

Built for Collaboration

Easily collaborate on R&D projects across internal and external teams. Benchling serves as an institutional knowledge base to prevent “re-research” and empower cross-learning across your organization.

Minimize IT Overhead

With Benchling, you get a unified informatics platform out of the box, minimizing the need for IT resources. As your R&D needs shift, you can reconfigure Benchling with a point-and-click interface.

Make Better R&D Decisions

Drive decisions with comprehensive R&D data from across your organization. Troubleshoot any process by catching systemic patterns of failure. Optimize experiments by comparing results across different conditions.

File for IND in Days

IND filings are a breeze with Benchling. With one click, you can export the complete history of all the entities, processes, conditions, and results behind any candidate.

A partner in your biologics growth

The Benchling customer success team has worked with many companies to build out world-class biologics programs. We have deep domain expertise in both biologics and informatics to build the R&D infrastructure for your business success. Whether we're providing guidance on new workflow design or project structures, or supporting integrations with our open REST APIs, we will serve as your dedicated partner for years to come.

Benchling has been a model partner for us as we have grown our business. We would highly recommend Benchling to any growing biotechnology or life science firm.Jed Dean, Co-Founder, Zymergen

All-in-one informatics out of the box

Lab Notebook built for biologics motivates wide adoption

Entry templates, in-line sequence previews, rich versioning, and a flexible note-taking structure power unprecedented user engagement and compliance.

Molecular Biology Suite combines 10+ tools in one

With functions such as multi-sequence alignments, shared feature libraries, and CRISPR guide design, scientists no longer have to switch between multiple tools.

Bioregistry accommodates the complexity of biologics

Model the complex relationships of large molecule entities. Define custom record types for any entity and structure linkages between record types.

Sample Tracking adds a digital layer to the physical lab

Track physical samples within containers, plates, racks, and freezers. Pinpoint entities down to individual aliquots and see the experimental conditions that produced them.

Workflow Management organizes, optimizes, and measures R&D

Organize complex processes from discovery to bioprocessing into assignable steps. Simplify hand-offs and track inputs, outputs, and research progress on one central dashboard.

Requests Management streamlines and simplifies fulfillment

Scientists submitting requests get live status updates, while the ones fulfilling requests get clear inputs and protocols. Unify request scheduling, tracking, and reporting so you can manage resource allocation in real-time.


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