Benchling celebrates 2021 Tell Award win in Zurich, Switzerland

Mike Niekerk

In October,the 2021 Tell Awards were presented to three companies in recognition of their investments in Switzerland: Moderna, VIA, and Benchling. We are honored to receive this award, which recognises American companies for their significant direct investment in Switzerland, and has previously included global brands such as Biogen, Google, and IBM.   Following the opening of our EMEA headquarters in Zurich earlier this year, we are excited to continue our expansion and growth in the region.

The Tell award was launched in 2005 by Location Switzerland, the original investment promotion agency for Switzerland.This year, Benchling was nominated by the cantonal offices of economic promotion and selected by a jury at the Swiss Business Hub USA. Named after the folk hero, William Tell, the award recognises companies who have “demonstrated courage and accuracy by expanding internationally to Switzerland.”

This award follows the momentum Benchling has gained this year following our entry into the Early Development market, enabling scientists around the world to collaborate and seamlessly move from research to early development within a single platform. More than 200,000 scientists at over 600 companies and 7,000 research institutions globally have adopted Benchling’s R&D Cloud to make breakthrough discoveries and bring the next generation of medicines, food, and materials to market faster than ever before.

The award ceremony was hosted by Consul General, Nicolas Descoeudres, who presented the award to Sajith Wickramasekara, our CEO and co-founder of Benchling.

While nine of the top 10 largest biotech and pharmaceutical companies have a significant presence in the Greater Zurich Area, the region has a strong diversity of emerging pharma and biotech companies, confirming its reputation as one of the global leaders of innovation. This award reinforces the commitment we have made to invest in the area and our wider goal to help the world’s most innovative biotech companies accelerate the speed of scientific breakthroughs with our cloud R&D platform.

With more than 90+ customers in EMEA, our dedicated presence in the Greater Zurich Area allows us to better serve and partner with our customers in the region. We are humbled by this award and remain committed to empowering scientific innovation across Zurich, EMEA, and globally.

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