Benchling Engineering: Building a Software Platform for Large Molecule R&D

Damon Doucet is a software engineer at Benchling, where he leads the development of Request Management. He is also a primary contributor to the development of Benchling's Data Warehouse, as well as our server operations and infrastructure. Before Benchling, he graduated from MIT with a focus on systems and performance research.

Benchling is modernizing life science R&D with software that scientists love to use. Most recently, we built a Data Warehouse that aggregates traditionally silo'd data. The warehouse syncs biological data already stored on Benchling with quantitative results in a broader data architecture, empowering scientists to perform otherwise impossible analyses and build powerful integrations with instrumentation. In this video, I discuss how we’re building software that unifies data across many experiments and samples, and that surfaces that data to scientists with the rich data permissions that the biotech industry requires.