Pause for claps: 2023’s most-loved Benchling Experience updates

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We’re constantly innovating at Benchling, so we love launching big, exciting new products that we know will make a splash for our customers. But there’s also something so special about sharing long-awaited updates to small features our customers are using daily — those little improvements that make you want to stand up and do a clap of delight when you see them appear in the product.

We take time to prioritize these small improvements all year long. As we head into 2024, here are some of the most-loved Benchling Experience updates we launched in the last year to improve daily life for scientists.

1. Data input

Table mapping: Streamline sending data between tables in one click. You can automatically move data from one table to another to avoid errors due to tedious copy/paste actions or from manually adding rows.

Benchling Experience updates blog - Table mapping

Results table APIs: Upload Results via API and view them in Notebook entries, and keep Notebook tables up-to-date by reviewing notifications about new results and pulling in data. Maintain version histories knowing exactly when Results were added to an Entry.

Notebook sections: Get a more flexible container than calendar days to organize and group Entry and Template content. Sections can be Named, dated and collapsed.

2. Search

Insert and Share Search: Save time and share expertise by inserting access to a saved search within the context of a Notebook Template or Entry. Share advanced Search queries with other users, teams, or whole organizations to go straight to necessary information without repetitive manual queries.

Benchling experience updates - insert search into entry

3. Bioresearch 

Transcription links: Connect DNA sequences to their transcribed RNA sequence counterparts using specialized schema metadata fields.

transcription links

Bulk nucleotide modifications: Bulk create and edit modified oligos and sequences using modification patterns and bulk find and replace.

V3000 Molfile and RDKit upgrade: Enhanced stereochemistry features,, support for larger molecules, improved molecule rendering, support for polymer repeat notation, and more robust uniqueness validation of molecules.

4. Compliance & controls

Export enhancements: Upon queuing a large export, receive partial subsets of successfully exported files with notification messages of files that have failed to export.

5. Inventors 

Container management: Move, check in/out a container, and update a container’s concentration directly from the Update Inventory Table in a Notebook entry.

Update concentrationence

Timezone selection: Specify your preferred timezone for label templates, expanding beyond the previous UTC-only support.

Table grids: Hover over a grid object in a structured table to see available and full positions in a pop-up modal.

6. Identity and access management

Timeout setting: Ensure only the right people are accessing Benchling by setting a custom session timeout to force users to re-authenticate regularly, or a custom idle timeout to automatically log users out if they're not actively interacting with Benchling.

Org membership management: Scaling Benchling just got simpler. Tenant admins can now manage org membership and make themselves org admins. 

Bulk user creation: Create users in bulk with tab-delineated spreadsheet data. It’s never been easier to get started! 

Bulk user creation

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