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Roger Pellegrini

We are thrilled to announce Benchling Insights, a new solution for life science R&D companies to make faster, more informed decisions from their data. Insights is seamlessly integrated with all Benchling applications, and enables users to query, visualize, and collaborate around high quality, structured data that resides on the platform.

With the advent of new scientific modalities and high-throughput techniques, biopharmaceutical R&D organizations are generating larger volumes of data with increased complexity. Collecting, standardizing, and analyzing this data across teams, instruments, and processes is crucial to accelerating research timelines and informing key decisions. However, legacy software hasn’t adapted to this new environment, resulting in rigid data silos and inconsistent data models. As a result, scientists and R&D organizations struggle to extract insights from their data, and key decisions are often based on incomplete information.

Benchling enables the creation of higher quality data through a unified data model. Now, with Insights, our customers have the tools to make faster, more informed decisions about their scientific pipeline and operational processes, ultimately accelerating the pace of their research. Best of all, this product is automatically included in subscriptions to the Benchling Professional and Benchling Enterprise editions.

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Build and share scientific and operational dashboards with Benchling Insights.

Benchling Insights includes:

  • Collaborative dashboards and reports to share key scientific, operational, and administrative metrics

  • Visualizations through a variety of formats including table, bar, line, and scatter charts

  • Built-in SQL query editor for advanced analytics that address questions unique to your scientific workflows

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With Benchling Insights, you can unlock:

Operational Insights. Dive deeper into resource allocations, processes, and usage to enhance program management, gauge team productivity, and optimize workflows.

Scientific Insights. Analyze your data to understand and compare results within, or across, experiments. Leverage these insights to make more informed decisions critical to your R&D pipeline.

Administrative Insights. Get a real-time understanding of how your scientists use Benchling.

Clients such as Jounce Therapeutics are already using Benchling Insights to power R&D for novel cancer immunotherapies.

As a company at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy, Jounce is making valuable scientific discoveries to develop novel therapeutics. Benchling Insights will empower us to mine our data and allow us to answer complex scientific questions across multiple projects and labs. With the added power of Insights, Benchling continues to help us get higher-quality therapeutics to the clinic faster.- Todd Rowe, Associate Director of Research Informatics @ Jounce Therapeutics


Develop custom queries and flexibly visualize results.

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