Benchling Workshops: Advanced Molecular Biology Features and Integration Capabilities

Sean Smith

Last month we hosted Benchtalk Summit, Benchling’s East Coast user forum, in Cambridge, MA. For the first time, the event included hands-on Benchling User Workshops. These sessions explored some of Benchling's most advanced and powerful functions, with the goal of helping attendees to become Benchling power users. We’re excited to share with you recordings of two of these sessions.

Advanced Molecular Biology

Molecular biology research is more complex than ever, and research teams need automated, high-throughput tools for sequence design and workflow management. In this workshop, Customer Success Associate Damian Costello and Product Manager Andrew Guo showcase Benchling's advanced molecular biology toolset, including tools for high-throughput sequence design and workflow management.

Benchling’s Developer Platform

Benchling’s developer platform enables users to integrate custom software, external databases, and standalone informatics tools. In this workshop, Product Manager Reed Molbak explores common use cases of Benchling's developer platform. Reed reviews typical integration architectures and a set of API calls for connecting results-producing instruments directly to Benchling. Follow along at

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