Benchtalk West's Panel Discussion: Making the Tough Decisions - Planning, Optimizing, and Measuring Life Science R&D

Kyrstin Lou Ward

Emerging technologies are revolutionizing life as we know it - from the medicines we take to the clothes we wear. But to perfect the innovations of tomorrow, R&D organizations need to properly forecast their highly complex processes, so that a spark of genius successfully develops from an idea into a product. At Benchtalk West 2019, a panel of life science leaders discussed the ins and outs of planning for success and scaling iterative R&D processes. Listen in to join the conversation on preparing to scale before you have data, improving iteration after iteration, and inspiring team-wide collaboration.

This panel discussion features the following speakers:

  • Kristy Hawkins, Co-Founder and CSO at Antheia

  • Hari Jayaram, VP of Technology at Spotlight Therapeutics

  • Jackie Papkoff, CSO of Microbiome at Assembly Biosciences

  • Chris Bond, Biopharma Executive

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