A blueprint for modern, connected in vivo programs

Chris Armstrong
Strategy Lead
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It’s hard to run an efficient in vivo study. In over 10 years working on preclinical drug discovery research, it was a challenge I saw again and again: R&D teams need to capture high-quality, reproducible data and collaborate on it. And often, they’re stuck using outdated communication and data management tools to do so. 

In vivo research is dynamic, complex, and tedious — teams need a modern approach to running these studies that supports the breakthroughs they’re pursuing every day. 

Our team at Benchling created this blueprint for building a modern in vivo program after hearing real pain points from hundreds of R&D scientists and IT leaders at Benchtalk 2022, our annual biotechnology innovation summit. I hope their insights can power more efficient and effective in vivo research for your teams.


From customized data visualizations, to managing data accessibility across R&D teams, I hope this blueprint gives you some ideas of how you can eliminate challenges for your team and build a modern in vivo program.

These are the foundations that fueled Benchling In Vivo, part of our unified R&D platform used by 200,000+ scientists. To learn more, reach out to see a demo.

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