Bring seamless collaboration to your lab in 2017

Roger Pellegrini

As your lab grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep research organized and accessible. Information is frequently silo'ed off in people's personal notebooks and can become completely inaccessible when researchers leave the lab. Furthermore, research doesn't happen in isolation. To build a shared context, researchers need visibility into what collaborators are working on and where they can access results.

To help tackle these challenges, we revamped organizations on Benchling so that all your lab's work can live in one place. Here is how you can make the most of Benchling for your lab:

Organize your research to find it faster

Always have access to your lab's research in one place

Transfer project ownership to your organization to ensure that the PI and other org admins always have access to the work even as the structure of your research organization changes. After transferring ownership, you can still control what access level other members of the lab have.

Star projects to move them to the top of the sidebar

Star projects you are actively working on so that they show up first in your sidebar. Keep your sidebar clutter free by collapsing sections that you don't need.

See more files with compact view

Switch to compact view to see more files in your sidebar.

Track all biological entities in your lab

Create a shared library of sequences, proteins, and other entities in your organization's registry.


Visualize what you are working on this week

Track to-dos across all your projects

Open your calendar to see all your to-dos in one place. Mark them as done straight from the calendar. To create a todo, just add a checkbox to your entry.

Get a birds eye view of your lab's work

Use the team calendar to see work in progress across your entire lab. Filter it down by project and person to see what is going on in the lab every week.


Collaborate effortlessly

Use Notebook Templates to standardize experimental structure

Create a notebook template that anyone in your organization can use, whether you are doing lots of variations of an experiment or want to encourage everyone to record a consistent set of information.

@mention your lab mates for discussion throughout the experimental process

Share context with collaborators faster by @mentioning them by name in your entries and we will email them to let them know.


Set up your lab on Benchling to streamline collaboration with your lab mates and make it easier to search, discover, and share research. Invite 10 more lab members and become a Benchling Gold member when they join. As a Benchling Gold member you get 15GB more space and early access to beta features.

We look forward to hearing what you think about the all new Organizations experience. For more information check out our Organizations tutorial.

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