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As biopharma races toward delivering better medicines faster, digital tools are part of the blueprint for the modern lab — saving lab managers’ and researchers’ time, freeing them from low value tasks, and increasing pace of R&D. As the landscape of these digital tools scales in complexity and volume, it’s critical that these tools easily integrate and share data. 

When these systems are disconnected from one another, their value is lost; rather than accelerate the development of new discoveries, they detract from the efficient coordination of people, information, and work that is necessary for today’s world. Solving this problem requires that core functionality be native to users’ workflows. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new integration with Clustermarket — bringing equipment management and scheduling into Benchling.

Johannes Solzbach, the CEO of Clustermarket, said: "Our partnership with Benchling is a significant step forward in our mission to optimize laboratory operations and expedite research results. Together, we will empower the global scientific community to achieve more.” 

Clustermarket now integrates with Benchling

The Clustermarket integration with Benchling brings equipment management and scheduling functionality directly to the workstream of researchers and lab managers. Teams can now seamlessly use the power of Clustermarket's booking calendar right within the Benchling ecosystem. From within Benchling, lab members can add equipment data, reference equipment in their notes, and add equipment to their workflows.

Benchling Clustermarket integration

The integration provides customers with several new, exciting capabilities:

1. Book equipment directly from Benchling 

Once you've integrated Benchling with Clustermarket, you gain access to all the equipment you've chosen to share from Clustermarket in your Benchling tenant. 

By searching for a piece of equipment within Benchling, you can surface the equipment type, as well as the lab that the equipment is associated with, making it easy to find, distinguish, and add the correct equipment. Once selected, the equipment entity record will open, where you can see all the Clustermarket details, including the booking link, from which you can complete a booking via an extension to the Clustermarket calendar. 

2. Automatically register equipment information

Using pre-created templates, teams can create and automatically populate equipment tables. Searching within the table opens a list of everything matching the search term, from which the correct piece of equipment can be selected. Once selected, the table is filled with the relevant equipment information, such as manufacturer, model, and location, as well as a calendar booking link. 

3. Record dynamic equipment data 

With this integration, teams can automatically capture changes in equipment data, such as maintenance and calibration, directly in Benchling using Notebook lookup tables.

Boost productivity and improve outcomes by achieving operational excellence in the lab    

With the Clustermarket integration, customers can more easily surface, view, and action upon equipment data. By bringing this functionality to Benchling, labs are better positioned to digitize and synchronize critical laboratory processes, for enhanced productivity, accelerated research breakthroughs, and faster time to market. 

Nick Massouh, Associate Scientist at Engitix Therapeutics, commented, “We are excited that we can now easily synchronize all of our equipment information from Clustermarket to Benchling, include equipment information in our write ups and book the instruments that we need in our planning phase directly via Benchling.”

“The integration was extremely easy to set up — it took us less than 30 minutes. The user experience is seamless and it feels like one solution. It helps us integrate equipment reservations in our workflows and include maintenance information in Benchling,” said Vidya Ramathas, Laboratory Manager at Labgenius.

About Clustermarket

Clustermarket is the world-leading lab management system helping laboratories optimize their operations and accelerate results. Clustermarket equips research teams with an easy-to-use software solution enabling them to coordinate equipment usage, plan maintenance activities, and generate reports and forecasts for resource planning. The intuitive system is designed for fast implementation and high adoption within the organization, whilst also offering integrations with various other software solutions. More about Clustermarket:

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To learn more about the Clustermarket integration, please visit the Benchling integration page on the Clustermarket website.

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