5 reasons to get your team started with Benchling Learning Labs

Roopal Shah
Head of Enablement

Formula 1 racing. Applying to college. Starting a business.  Applying to that next job. These all have something in common: the right resources make all the difference between success and failure. 

In my role as an enablement leader for R&D software, this is true for digital transformation, too. 

That’s why from day one we’ve been committed to giving you all the resources you need to succeed with Benchling. I couldn’t be more excited about our recent launch of Benchling Learning Labs, our robust curriculum and training platform that helps our customers and partners get the most out of Benchling. 

Benchling Learning Labs offers on-demand courses and virtual certification exams, so you can skill up on a range of topics — from conducting essential R&D in Benchling, to getting started on the platform. 

Here’s why every team should get started with Benchling Learnings Labs to drive R&D success. 

1. Maximize your ROI from Benchling 

Investing in Benchling means fueling more efficient R&D for years to come. But your company can only experience that ROI when teams use it and know how to use it. Benchling Learning Labs provides foundational training that helps your employees feel comfortable using Benchling applications to drive their R&D success. And when your team inevitably grows? No problem — new teammates can take courses to get up-to-speed in no time.

2. Stay up-to-date with Benchling capabilities

We’re constantly bringing new functionality to Benchling. To stay up-to-date on the latest products, Benchling Learning Labs offers courses that show you how to take advantage of it all. Each course gets updated throughout the year as the platform evolves and expands.  Take advantage of this to stay current on the latest innovation and deploy it to your tenant as you see fit!

3. Give your internal teams time back

Internal teams have a lot on their hands — and they shouldn’t be expected to be the experts on every piece of software your team uses. Whether you’re on Benchling or considering implementing it, Benchling Learning Labs provides training at any point and any scale, letting your teams focus on their other priorities. 

Plus, many newer employees to the workforce expect to use modern software. Many young scientists have used Benchling already for academic purposes, further cutting your needs for training resources over time.

4. Access flexible and tailored learning paths

Your R&D is unique — and your company is, too. When it comes to implementing R&D software, training and implementation can’t be one-size-fits-all. Benchling Learning Labs offers a path for everyone with options to take courses virtually from anywhere, and on-demand — whenever works for them.

Benchling Learning Labs also offers tailored learning paths you can choose from based on how you use Benchling: R&D scientists, administrators, developers, and partners. So no matter what role you play in using Benchling, you can take the courses that meet your needs.

5. Boost your career profile with role-specific certifications

When you and your team complete Benchling courses, you can earn certifications to showcase your skills on your own career profile. A Benchling certification signals to current and future employers that you’ve invested in learning the most modern approaches to R&D.

Get started with Benchling Learning Labs

We’re excited to see how teams progress with Benchling Learning Labs, and we’re already planning to expand our course offerings to continue to get your teams the right resources for getting the most out of Benchling

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