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Michael Schwartz
Product Marketing Manager, Development

Process development teams are facing increasing market pressure to move promising discoveries into manufacturable products. In fact, the number of novel drugs launched annually has risen to almost twice the level as in the early 2000s (1).

To keep pace, biopharmaceutical companies are broadly shifting toward new drug modalities, such as cell and gene therapies, RNA, and complex drug conjugates to address unmet patient needs. What hasn’t kept pace, however, are the software applications needed to achieve such outcomes. 

As a result, process teams are stuck with a mix of rigid point solutions, all of which contribute to siloed data, poor user experience, and high cost of ownership. For process teams to thrive in the modern era of biopharmaceutical development, solving these problems requires a new digital approach — that’s why we’re excited to introduce Benchling Bioprocess.

Introducing Benchling Bioprocess  

Benchling Bioprocess is the only cloud-native solution that provides an end-to-end solution for modern, high-throughput process development. It helps development teams accelerate their path to critical milestones, while increasing operational efficiency and simplifying technology transfers into manufacturing. Highly-structured process data from Bioprocess, supported by an ISA88-compatible data model, feeds into data science and machine learning platforms, helping users gain new process insights. 

Benchling Bioprocess provides customers with several exciting new capabilities, including a visual process designer, guided process execution, and pre-built instrument integrations, all with a modern, easy-to-use interface that promotes fast and accurate data collection. 

Visual process design

With Benchling Bioprocess, teams can now create recipes using an intuitive, visual designer. Sequence the order of unit operations, connect material inputs and outputs, define process parameters, all using a drag-and-drop interface.  


Guided process execution 

Quickly move your recipes and experiments into guided batch execution, with instructions dynamically populated from the recipe definition. Run experiments in parallel, collect data at each process step, collaborate across teams, and track overall progress, while saving time from not having to configure batch instructions.

Bioprocess screenshot (accelerate process dev)

Pre-built instrument integrations 

Bioprocess utilizes pre-built instrument connectors to common process instruments – including HPLC systems and cell culture analyzers – to minimize transcription errors, accelerate data capture, and maintain data provenance. 

Bioprocess - insights v2.png

Reduce time to milestone with an end-to-end development platform   

Bioprocess is part of the Benchling R&D Cloud, in use by over 1,200 biotechnology companies, and for the first time, provides purpose-built solutions for both research and process development scientists residing on a unified platform. 

Read on to learn more about how Benchling Bioprocess can get you to your next process development milestone faster.

Accelerate process development cycles by harnessing data at scale 

Shorten process development timelines by running high-throughput experiments on a centralized platform. Benchling Bioprocess brings together capabilities for process design, execution, and analysis to help teams reach milestones faster.

“At Gilead, we’re committed to creating a healthier world for everyone by discovering, developing and delivering medicines for life-threatening diseases. This work requires managing highly complex, multi-dimensional data and necessitates technology partners that can support the scale and complexity of the data created by high-throughput biology. We selected Benchling as a partner because it’s built for biology. By capturing structured data in Benchling, our scientists are empowered to ask challenging questions and uncover new insights.”  

- Peter Huang, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical  Development & Manufacturing Information Systems, Gilead

Simplify tech transfer with structured, traceable process design

Partner more effectively with MSAT, RA, and QA teams to move processes into manufacturing, and be more responsive to quality and regulatory inquiries. Benchling Bioprocess ensures efficient collaboration using a structured, ISA88-compatible recipe data model.

Bioprocess blog - 20% time on tech transfer

Enable data science with a centralized and open data platform

Gain a competitive edge with a platform that fuels your digital strategy. Benchling Bioprocess sends highly structured process data into your data science and machine learning platforms, so you can ask new questions and generate predictive insights. 

Learn more about Benchling Bioprocess

To learn more about Benchling Bioprocess, check out the Bioprocess Product Brief, or reach out to your Benchling representative to get started. 


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  2. Blinded survey of process development professionals, conducted by third party research firm, 2023.

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