Introducing Benchling’s Online Community

Sajith Wickramasekara
CEO and Cofounder
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I’m thrilled to officially launch our online community, a space where customers can share, learn, and connect with each other on all things Benchling.

Every year we host Benchtalk, our premier user conference, where we bring our community together in person for a few days of learning, collaboration, and connection.

From discussing cutting-edge science and technology to swapping best practices and workshopping, it’s incredible to see the magic that happens when our customers come together. 

I’ve always wanted to continue these conversations beyond Benchtalk. That’s why I’m excited to officially launch the Benchling online community — built by our customers, for our customers, where we can foster learning and connections all year long.

A place to move science forward, together

Since founding Benchling more than 10 years ago, our platform has grown and the science we’ve helped customers pursue has grown with it. It’s inspiring to see the creativity our customers apply to the industry challenges they face. We hope the Benchling online community is the place our customers turn to seek inspiration and share solutions.

By bringing together 1,200+ Benchling customers who are pushing the limits of scientific progress across medicine, agriculture, food, chemicals, diagnostics, and more, we’re hopeful the online community will be a vibrant place to learn, share, and grow. Here you can connect with your peers to get answers quickly via discussion forums. You can read up on Benchling-approved best practices — from our team and your peers — and share your own. We’re also opening up a product ideas portal so you can share ideas directly with our product team to inform our roadmap.

Built by customers, for customers

Customer feedback fueled every aspect of our community launch. We spoke to nearly 300 Benchling users from more than 100 biotechnology companies to understand what elements were most important to make it a useful and informative space. 

I want to extend a big thank you to a group of customers who you’ll see recognized in the platform with the badge ‘Community Founder.’ These customers were especially generous, contributing hours of their time to focus groups and our early access program to help us make the online community what it is today. 

We encourage you to help us make it awesome by sharing your feedback on what's working and where we can continue to improve it. 

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