Introducing the Benchling Partner Program — built to accelerate customer R&D

Niall Wall
Head of Partners and Alliances
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Have you ever sought complementary services or software to support your team as they use Benchling? Or wanted to ensure your partners could feel confident to comply with Benchling best practices? 

Now, you can. I’m excited to announce our brand new Benchling Partner Program, a global ecosystem of trusted partners who will become certified to offer a variety of advisory, specialized, and implementation services. 

Partners currently pursuing certification for the program include 20/15 Visioneers, Astrix, BASE life science, Celito, Cognizant, Digital Radius, EPAM, ITWorx, Karchem Consulting, Point B, Propharma, Sware, Wega, and Zifo. And we’ll be accepting new partners on an ongoing basis. The Benchling Partner Program will allow you to get the most from your Benchling investment and continue to accelerate your digital R&D transformation. 

Partnering to ensure high-quality, consistent service that fits your team’s needs

We designed our Benchling Partner Program with choice and consistency in mind:

  1. Choice — so you can work with a variety of curated services organizations who already know your business, and have the flexibility to work with those organizations around the Benchling platform.

  2. Consistency — so you can feel confident that the services partners you choose are certified by Benchling, can deliver the highest quality services, and can lend the same exceptional level of service as from the Benchling Professional Services team.

Services Partners

There will be three categories of Services Partners you can engage with. By participating in our partner program, each type of partner will be certified with real experience implementing Benchling and using our best practices.

  • Advisory Partners: Support advisory services, including change management and strategic consulting

  • Specialist Partners: Certified to perform specific services for customers during implementation and post-implementation (e.g., PQ testing)

  • Implementation Partners: Certified and trained to perform a full range of implementation services

To make sure partners always meet our quality standards, we’ve put in place rigorous training for each category of partner. Every Benchling Specialist and Implementation Partner will become certified and complete product training through Benchling Learning Labs. All Implementation Partners will receive the same product training as Benchling’s own Professional Services team, including our Ramp to Prime program, which lets consultants benefit from on-the-job shadowing and training with the Benchling team. 

Meet our always-growing list of partners

Below are the partners who are undergoing certification as we launch. If you’re working with or considering a partner who’s not yet in our program, ask them to join, so you know they have the knowledge, skills, and certifications to support you. 


Get involved with our Benchling Partner Program 

This is just the start for our Benchling Partner Program, and I’m looking forward to extending its impact for you over the coming months as partners complete their certifications. We strongly recommend you work with partners who are certified by Benchling to get the best possible service. We’re committed to bringing you the options you need, and we’re ready to accept new partners at any time. Reach out to with any questions on getting started.

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