New CRISPR PAMs and Efficiency Scores

Roger Pellegrini

Editor’s Note:This post was contributed by Jonathan Gootenberg, a researcher at Harvard University. If you have ideas for other potential collaborations, please let us know.

One of my favorite qualities of Benchling is how quickly they roll out new features. Benchling is one of the only platforms out there that is constantly improving and adding tools. Quickly rolling out updates also allows Benchling to keep up with the speed of science. Today, Benchling is updating their CRISPR design tool to incorporate two new discoveries.

New Cas9 ortholog PAMs

Concurrent with our description of a new, smaller Cas9 ortholog from S. aureus, SaCas9, the CRISPR off-target tools have been updated to include the corresponding PAM sequences, NNGRR and NNGRRT. We're excited to expand the capabilities of Benchling to empower your use of the latest genome editing tools.

As always, you can find the relevant plasmids on the Zhang lab Benchling page or get the plasmids themselves off of Addgene.

Guide efficiency scores


The CRISPR tool has also been improved by incorporating the efficiency score from Doench et al.. Now, you'll be able to better predict the relative efficiency of guides before you even order them.

The field of genome engineering is quickly evolving, and Benchling's design tools can help you seamlessly and rapidly integrate new discoveries into your research.

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