Next Generation Permissions System Now Gives You Unprecedented Control and Customization Options

Prem Mohanty
Product Marketing

R&D in life sciences today is more cross-functional than ever with several functional groups and types of scientists contributing to the successful development of a novel therapy. The increased level of collaboration demands a new and more flexible permissions system to effectively manage the flow of information.

Benchling is excited to launch the next evolution in permissions management. The updated permissions system allows a finer degree of access control with the addition of these new capabilities:

  • Organization admins can now make customized access policiesthat specify a detailed list of actions a user can and cannot take.

  • Access policies can now be used to grant permissions based on authorshipand not just default to the project-level permissions.

  • Users now have clear visibility to the permissions levelfor any item, and can request access for other items as needed.

This new permissions system offers several benefits:

  • Structured roles for collaboration: Perform experiments and create entries in a collaborative manner with each user having access to a predefined set of role-specific actions.

  • Clear accountability: Grant customized permissions to individual users and teams to ensure the right users are accountable for taking the right actions.

  • Controlled information sharing: Manage visibility of information and control how sensitive data is shared across your organization.

  • Improved self-service: Access your own (admin or end user) permission set easily and take action without the need for additional tech support.

Here are some examples of how the new permissions system can transform how you collaborate within your organization:

Internal Collaboration Use Case: Creation of SOPs and execution of experiments can be more streamlined with the new permissions


Cross-functional Collaboration Use Case: Design of entities can be kept discrete from batch production and characterization workflows


Reach out to your Customer Success representative or request a demo to learn more about how you could benefit from this new feature.

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