Offering Benchling pro bono for COVID-19 testing

Sajith Wickramasekara

The entire world is feeling the devastating effects of COVID-19. The united response from the life science industry has been incredible to witness, and we have never been prouder to serve these organizations. We have seen Benchling usage spike in customers working on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, amounting to around-the-clock work to counter the virus.

It is also clear that COVID-19 testing is a massive bottleneck we need to overcome now. We are seeing efforts to rapidly scale up capacity, from Roche’s high-throughput cobas system, to point of care testing developed by Abbott, to serological tests like those developed by BD and BioMedomics.

Through the heroic efforts of scientists in university research groups as well as commercial labs, new testing labs are coming online everyday, and existing labs are dealing with higher throughput than ever before. Software is mission-critical for both. These labs need software to track samples, capture assay data, and deliver results efficiently.

Benchling does all of this out-of-the-box and can be rapidly configured for most COVID-19 testing workflows. We want to do our part to get out of this crisis, so we are making our full platform available pro bono to any lab for COVID-19 testing.

We are already working with multiple labs, across universities, health systems, and private companies.

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Benchling can be rapidly configured to support COVID-19 diagnostics workflows, including but not limited to qPCR workflows.

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