Register samples and biological entities directly from your Lab Notebook

Prem Mohanty
Product Marketing

Traditionally R&D data infrastructure and informatics have been highly fragmented. A scientist would use a combination of physical and digital tools for each task such as physical notebooks for designing experiments, excel for analyzing data, and inventory management software for registering the samples generated. Not only does this add unnecessary tedious work for scientists but also results in data quality problems such as loss of experimental context and poor searchability and shareability.

Benchling breaks this mold by providing a unified platform with a seamless experience across Lab Notebook, Registry, Molecular Biology Suite, Sample Tracking, Workflow Management and Requests Management. In line with this design philosophy, Benchling is happy to announce the launch of a new feature that lets scientists register samples directly from within an experiment in Lab Notebook.Key features include:

  • Bulk registration:Fill data related to batches or entities in a Lab Notebook spreadsheet and register all samples with the click of a button

  • Customizable fields: Easily add or remove fields and display only necessary fields for a given experiment

  • Formulas and autofill:Bring the full power of spreadsheets to sample registration with formulas and autofill features

  • Linked entries:Link notebook entry with registry entry with easy access to information


The new feature seamlessly integrates registry entry into Lab Notebook as part of the same experimental workflow. This significantly simplifies registration, improves ease of use and increases user adoption of registry. Other more specific benefits include:

  • Standardize entries: Templatize what experimental context and data is captured for entities / batches

  • Ensure timeliness: From a scientific workflow perspective, ensure samples are registered in a timely manner at the appropriate stages

  • Improve registry visibility:Enable an added layer of review to registration entries in the Lab Notebook

Here are some ways the new feature can be used to further streamline your existing registration related tasks:


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