Announcing Request Management: A Better Way to Streamline Request Fulfillment

Amy Guan


As biologics R&D programs get more specialized, disparate teams must fulfill a growing volume of assay, production, or thaw requests. With multiple systems of record, it is increasingly challenging to fulfill requests seamlessly and on time.

We just released Request Management, a new addition to Benchling that streamlines every step of the request fulfillment process — from scheduling and documentation to tracking and reporting. It enables R&D organizations to gain real-time visibility into request progress so teams can optimize resource allocation and productivity.

With Request Management, your R&D organization can now:

Streamline and simplify request fulfillment

  • Standardize request submission so teams have everything they need to fulfill a request (e.g. samples, protocols, and specifications)

  • Improve research productivity by fulfilling requests in batches

  • Get outputs and results automatically propagated into the request management system

Gain real-time visibility into the progress of requests

  • Make triaging and tracking of requests easy through a centralized dashboard

  • Automatically communicate updates to requesters and eliminate ad hoc communication

Optimize resource allocation and productivity

  • Run reports to measure request throughput, identify bottlenecks, and improve resource allocation

  • Prioritize workloads to maximize productivity and optimize research decisions

Request Management is a premium enterprise feature in Benchling. Please contact your customer success manager or sales representative to learn more about how you can get access.

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