Benchling Webinar - Centralized Science: Managing the research lifecycle with Benchling

Roger Pellegrini

We're excited to announce our biweekly webinar introduction to the Benchling for Enterprise research platform. Learn how Benchling approaches the challenge of managing complicated R&D workflows and complex data.

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Learn how Benchling's molecular biology tools provide a user-friendly, highly collaborative environment for designing and sharing constructs.


Learn how the Benchling lab notebook makes planning, documenting, and sharing experimental processes painless.


Get an introduction to Benchling's new product offerings - the Bioregistry and Sample and Results Management. Most LIMS solutions are outdated and a pain to use. With Benchling's system, it's easier than ever to structure important data against construct records in the Bioregistry. Benchling's flexible registration system means your organization has the freedom to define the types of samples and meta-data you care about.

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