Announcing Workflow Management: Organize, Optimize, and Measure Biologics R&D in Real-Time

Sajith Wickramasekara


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Today, we're excited to announce the newest module of the Benchling platform, which makes biologics R&D trackable and measurable for the first time: Workflow & Results Management. It's a flexible system purpose-built to organize, optimize, and measure biologics processes step-by-step across teams, from discovery to bioprocessing.

Numerous distributed and externalized teams, large amounts of complex data, and nonstandard systems of record make it virtually impossible for organizations to realize the full potential of their innovative research. With Workflow & Results Management:

Scientists get increased productivity through automated data entry and complete upstream and downstream experimental context.

Managers get a real-time view into pipeline progress so they can optimize processes and automatically generate reports.

Scientific leads can easily reconfigure the system through UI, so it adapts to the changing needs of biologics without dependence on vendors, unlike legacy systems and small molecule software.

Executives can base research decisions on hard data, since all progress and data are compiled and contextualized within structured workflows.

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The benefits of Workflow & Results Management extend beyond individuals and improve R&D productivity company-wide. Some leading biopharmaceutical companies are already using Workflows & Results to bring their R&D to the next level.

Streamline day-to-day operations

  • Define and plan multi-stage scientific workflows.

  • See the history of any sample, process, or result in seconds.

  • Coordinate multi-team handoffs by eliminating manual entry.

Optimize research processes

  • Troubleshoot and optimize processes by running queries on experimental progress.

  • Inform research decisions by leveraging the entirety of their organization’s data.

Unify research and development

  • All groups from discovery to bioprocessing can use a single system that transfers full experimental context between functions.

  • Reduce lead time for IND filings and enforce SOPs.

Companies doing gene therapy are using Workflow & Results to manage production requests and stages, from DNA synthesis, to viral synthesis, to QC. Companies doing CAR-T development are using it to manage and optimize iterations of protocols to streamline development processes. And companies doing antibody discovery, are using it to track lineages, link data back to individual candidates, and narrow hundreds of candidates down to the most promising ones.

Workflow & Results is also being used for cutting-edge synthetic biology research. As Paul Miller, Chief Scientific Officer of Synlogic, said, “Getting a real-time, measurable view of our operations has been a long-standing goal. Workflow & Results Management will give teams a great way to organize and monitor R&D progress as well as easily optimize the precise conditions that will support project progression.”

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