Build your bench: How to start & scale a biotech company

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Hear from founders, investors, and industry experts as they share practical advice for building successful biotech companies


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Make your first year count: Practical advice for biotech startups

“Start thinking early about the foundations of your company. You’re building amazing products and amazing businesses that help our world become a better place — but you need to make sure your foundation isn’t messy so that you can go build those products.”
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Natasha AroraHead Of Law Firm & Service Provider Strategy, Carta
“Fewer systems and technology partners in many ways is better because the challenge is getting everything integrated. If you have a bunch of different systems, getting them to talk to each other and data to flow appropriately together can be a massive part of the battle. Fewer systems can reduce the complexity of those challenges.”
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Mason VictorsChief Product Officer, Recursion Pharmaceuticals
“Building a network of people across the world who have common interests will lead to many things you may not even anticipate at the time. Yet investing the time in building those relationships really does pay back in spades later on.”
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Greg YapPartner, Menlo Ventures
“Surround yourself with people that you trust and respect — experts in the field. Where you can go wrong is by not building a good team. The story is important and the team is important. And you won’t know until you try, so just get out there.”
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Ashok BandaranayakeCo-Founder And VP Of Immuno-Oncology, Link Immunotherapeutics
"In our screening process, we often look for people who really have a fundamental desire to seek the truth around their science, their market, and the best way to build their company."
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Alex KopelyanSenior Director/Partner, Indiebio At SOSV
"The best advice is to identify problems for which there are incremental valuable solutions along the way to your billion dollar solution."
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David NellesFounder/CEO, U1 Bio
"We’re not just evaluating whether or not someone has a great technology. We’re evaluating whether or not they can be a great CEO."
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Julie GrantGeneral Partner, Canaan
"It’s really hard but if you can tell your story well, you will raise money, and if you can’t tell your story well, you probably won’t."
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Nicolas TilmansFounder/CEO, Anagenex
"I urge people to really think about their personal values and use them as your guideposts because they don't tend to change very much. Keep them in mind as you build relationships and your company."
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Christian CobaughFounder/CEO, Vernal Biosciences
“If you're a life sciences founder from academia, the importance of getting your IP on file and patent applications in order is crucial. Get help early from the tech transfer office at your university.”
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Darren CookeExecutive Director, UC Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center

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