The benefits of custom with the ease of off-the-shelf

Configure and adjust workflows, permissions, and data types — without a single line of code.


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    Custom workflows

    Configure custom workflows with trackable stages that can be delegated to teams. Designated users can model new workflows with a point-and-click interface.

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    Custom permissions

    Structure permissions based on business criteria. For example, define access to data types based on a user’s role, team, function, or other user characteristic. You can also configure permissions to limit the data accessible by external collaborators.

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    Custom entity types and relationships

    Model any entity in Benchling, from patient samples, to plasmids, to reagents. Require specific entity types to link to other entity types; for example, require that every expression plasmid have a link to the antibody that it expresses. Add and interlink new entities just as easily.

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    Custom fields

    In modeling any entity, you can specify any data you want to track about that entity. For example, track the purity of each lot of antibodies. You can also assign specific units to custom fields, or configure fields as dropdowns, multi-select picklists, and other structures. Fields can also be configured to automatically compute based on linked metadata.

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