AC Immune

Pioneering precision medicine to diagnose, treat, and prevent neurodegeneration

Manage data in a searchable, relational database to improve standardization, enable traceability, and power smoother collaboration

AC Immune is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, leading in precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and NeuroOrphan indications. 

Two clinically validated technology platforms fuel its pipeline targeting disease-driving misfolded proteins. The SupraAntigen® platform generates therapeutic vaccines and antibodies with high target specificity. The Morphomer® platform generates small molecule ligands as therapeutic drugs or brain imaging diagnostic agents.

AC Immune aims to shift the treatment paradigm of neurodegenerative disease towards earlier diagnosis and disease prevention.


Improved traceability

93% of users accredit AC Immune and Benchling collaboration for improving storage, retrieval, and management of historical data and protocols across teams

4 hrs/week saved

per scientist, increasing efficiency of data-sharing with colleagues and reduced time spent on logistical tasks, search, and data compilation

High quality data source

for cutting-edge insight process. After 6 months, 75% of users said having a unified system enhances their ability to make machine learning models to guide scientific decisions


Improve framework to harmonize data quality and standardization across the company

Before using Benchling, R&D teams worked with lab notebooks and spreadsheet-based software. Data storage, analysis, and sharing across the organization were time consuming with these tools.

Accelerate team exchanges and logistical tasks

AC Immune wanted to develop a solution to speed up crucial handoffs by offering the ability to easily search and interact with data across teams, experiments, and sites.

Derive insights from large, interconnected datasets

To boost data-driven decision-making for cross-functional projects, AC Immune was looking for a systematized approach for capturing, sharing, and referencing data.


Standardization on a unified platform improves data capture and quality

On Benchling, research teams now leverage standardized protocols, workflows, and schemas. This strengthens consistency across the organization, leading to better data standardization and searchability.

Collaborating across teams from a cloud-based, central source of truth

Benchling enables realtime interactions across the company. Since the platform is built for life science research, it boosts collaboration while promoting strong usability and adoption.

Automating analysis and visualization to increase data interoperability across teams

Highly visible and easy end-to-end data traceability is ensured across R&D, quality, and manufacturing teams. With automated data visualization and reporting features, scientific and operational insights are improved while maintaining FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data compliance.

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