Building a global informatics infrastructure

A multi-disciplinary approach to therapeutic development in oncology

Agenus is a global biopharmaceutical company with multiple immunotherapy and vaccine pipeline programs. Leveraging expertise in oncology, immunology, functional genomics, computational biology, and structural biology, the company employs scientific staff across four discovery, screening, and characterization facilities around the world.


Difficulty finding data across multiple systems

Without unified systems, it was difficult for scientists to effectively find and share information.

Collaborating across international sites without a shared data infrastructure

Globally-distributed R&D team impeded team collaboration.

Tracking project progress across teams

Complexity of R&D workflows exacerbated difficulties tracking samples and experiments.


Centralizing experimental data

Benchling replaced Agenus’s multiple informatics systems with a single, end-to-end platform where they track all of their experiments, results, and samples.

Tracking across international sites

Benchling made all institutional knowledge accessible to scientists across the globe, dramatically streamlining data transfer and sample tracking.

Mining success patterns

Agenus mines data across past experiments to determine which factors led to success and optimize future experimental design.

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