Structuring world-class informatics for a new team

An integrated approach to biologics R&D

Incyte develops a wide range of therapeutics, primarily for oncology. Benchling supports their antibody discovery group.


Lack of a central informatics solution

Incyte’s antibody discovery group was starting from the ground-up and knew it would be pivotal to deploy a world-class informatics system as soon as possible.

Difficulty in tracking experimental results and progress

With a growing team and fluid processes, the antibody discovery group needed a flexible system, or else their data would be unreliable and difficult to track.

Collaborating across intercontinental sites without a shared system

Being able to work with external collaborators (including international collaborators) was a must.


Tracking constructs and components

Benchling’s ability to automatically identify and register scFvs’ components makes it easy to track constructs.

Secure data for collaborations

With Benchling’s rich data permissions, Incyte can extend the system to its external collaborators, streamlining secure data transfer.

Data clarity from the start

Since the start of their operations, the antibody discovery group has gotten visibility into their key processes.

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