Inzen Therapeutics

Accelerating Thanokine-based therapeutics with a modern data infrastructure

Enhance insight into cell death processes by equipping team members with the ability to track, integrate, and understand the full context of every cell death readout

While cell death marks the end of a single cell, the messages each cell releases as it dies – Thanokines™ – can have contradictory and widespread effects, such as triggering repair processes or prolonging disease. At Inzen Therapeutics, the process of cell death is not the end, but rather the start of therapeutics discovery. They are pursuing indications in cancer, fibrosis and regeneration.



adoption with licensed users


scientists feel Benchling makes data more traceable and searchable, compared to alternatives they would use


scientist satisfaction with Benchling support



As a small startup with limited resources, Inzen needed a solution that was intuitive to use and easy to maintain.

Sample tracking

Without the ability to track samples through the entire experiment lifecycle, scientists couldn’t build a complete understanding of the cell of interest.


Scientists were using different words to describe the same processes and data, slowing data integration and the pace of discovery.

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