Accelerating the discovery of multi-domain proteins for next-generation cell and gene therapies

Create scale with a modern, centralized cloud solution that accelerates scientific innovation by uniting cutting-edge synthetic biology and machine learning models

Serotiny is a therapeutic discovery company that designs new genes for next-generation cell & gene therapies. Serotiny’s goal is to design new treatments for cancers and genetic disorders. To do so, the company developed proprietary technology to create  high-throughput, multi-domain proteins with novel functionalities. 

Serotiny’s platform requires them to build and maintain a reusable and scalable design-build-test-learn process that generates & evaluates therapeutic candidates for these next-generation therapies. 


↑ Collaboration

Wet lab and computational teams can easily collaborate by linking sequences with the most up-to-date data sets

↑ Access to insights

All of Serotiny’s data is stored in a central place, giving the team a comprehensive view into research progress

↑ Data quality

Data is structured and traceable allowing Serotiny to reduce repeated work and ask novel complex computational questions


Basic office productivity tools, not designed for biotech R&D, made it difficult to find samples and surface past results

Before Benchling, Serotiny used a collection of Microsoft products to keep track of protocols, experiments, samples, and results. This collection of software wasn’t built for biotech, which made it difficult and time consuming to organize and find past samples or results.

Time spent on administrative tasks was duplicative and costly

Lacking easy-to-use templates, the teams at Serotiny often had to write new protocols from scratch, taking precious time away from research.

Legacy molecular design tools resulted in time-consuming and costly errors

Serotiny’s legacy molecular biology tools were clunky and fickle and did not integrate with their other systems. This forced teams to resort to copy/paste actions, which proved to be tedious, slow, and error prone.


Improved data quality through standardization and centralization

A unified suite of applications means sequence design & analysis, sample management, and experimental record keeping are all connected in the same platform and accessible by API.

Access to scientific and operational insights drive faster and better decision-making

Global search within Benchling surfaces all previous experiments, results, biological entities, and their physical locations in the lab, leading to more efficient and informed decisions.

Collaborating across teams from a cloud-based, central source of truth

Benchling allows Serotiny to collaborate in real time within the platform and unlock the ability to search and interact with data across teams and experiments, driving optimization across scientific workflows.

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