Spotlight Therapeutics

Startup unifies lab management to pave the way for big data analytics

Enable gene editing in previously intractable gene therapy targets by unifying Spotlight’s data and automating inventory management

Spotlight Therapeutics is pioneering cell-targeted in vivo CRISPR gene editing by creating a new class of programmable ribonucleoproteins called Targeted Active Gene Editors (TAGE). These modular biologic constructs are engineered to overcome the current limitations of viral and nanoparticle delivery.



estimated increase in speed of experimental progress

2 hours

saved per week per scientist on data cleaning


increase in ease of collaboration


Inventory management

Having a single person responsible for managing a spreadsheet-based inventory system was prone to human error and created bottlenecks.

Data harmonization

It was difficult to run large-scale analyses across sets of experiments. Data lacked the structure and standardization necessary for big data analytics.


Unconnected note-taking, lab management, and data interpretation systems encouraged siloed work rather than collaborative work.

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